Get the best view of Kyoto – Kyoto University Katsura Campus

I have been studying at Kyoto University for a year and a half. I have been to the Katsura Campus for many times and rarely see tourists. Every time I go, I like to stand on the big platform in front of the cafeteria for a while, look at the beautiful view of Kyoto City.

Kyoto University is one of the best Universities in Japan and has a high academic reputation. The three campuses are the Yoshida Campus (the headquarters) located next to Kamogawa in the downtown area of ​​Kyoto. It has a long history and is one of the most visited places. The Uji Campus is located next to Uji River. It is mainly a research institute, a large-scale test equipment, and rarely undertakes undergraduate and master’s courses. The overall tone is gray, so it looks more like a research institution or even a company. The Katsura Campus is located on the halfway up the mountain in the west Kyoto area. It has the highest terrain and excellent view. I think it is one of the best places to get the whole view of Kyoto City. Because it is built in the middle of the mountain, the elevation is very high. The building is mainly filled with brick red and white. It is very interesting to walk on the connecting bridge connecting the various areas. In addition, there are some lovely cafes, reasonable price, delicious and open to the public, if you want to spend a beautiful afternoon in a gorgeous campus, this is the best place to go.

What’s more, there is a natural hot spring at the foot of the mountain which is rarely seen in Kyoto: Katsura Hot Springs, Nizaemon hot spring. This is my personal recommendation, I tried no less than ten times! Due to the lack of geothermal resources in Kyoto, a good natural hot spring hotel is worth a thousand or even two thousand RMB, but here only 700 yen at a time! Natural hot springs (because at the foot of the mountain) are very good in water quality, smelling sulfur, all kinds of pools, and daily changing outdoor bathing, that is, two outdoor scenes are called: barnacles and open space, daily replacement You can check online which male bubble pool and female bubble pool are in advance, each with its own characteristics, very interesting, excellent value for money, must go! Enjoy a good afternoon in Katsura Campus, reading a book, drinking coffee and remind you your student era. In the evening, go to the beautiful hot springs and come out and buy a homemade

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