Find peace with your heart – Sannomiya Shrine, Kyoto Nishijin Ward

There is such a group of people, they travel not to show others where did they visit and don’t want to follow the crowds,they just want to experience the local customs, edify culture, seek a quiet moment of psychology, so often looking for a place that has not been trampled by the  tourists. If you belong to such a group, then the sannomiya Shrine of Xijing District will definitely satisfy you.

Hankyu train to the station, and then take the 26 bus four stations to arrive. It is far away from the rail transit trunks and away from the main roads. It looks unusually quiet and peaceful. Perhaps it happens that you will see the local people praying piously, and out of the shrine’s torii, you must go back to you, and from that moment you will feel the sacredness of the shrine from his expression. The Sanchagong Shrine is not big, it can be said that it is very small, and it is possible to visit the shrine in twenty minutes. No one knows which year he built it. He only knows that there used to be an old oak forest, and it is also the origin of the name of the region. The shrine enshrines three gods, the “God of Bravery”, the “God of Wine” and the “God of the Hill”. This is also the reason why it is called the Sannomiya Shrine.

Adjacent to the Sancha Palace Tianzhu Palace, it is dedicated to the “God of Culture and Education”. It is recorded that more than a thousand years ago, the Taoist god blessed people living nearby. He was in charge of the teaching and learning industry and was supported by everyone. If you are a student or a relative who has a school, you must come and worship, it is said to be very spiritual!

One thing that must be done when coming to Japan, especially Kyoto, is to visit the shrine temple. The etiquette must pay attention to it. It is best to learn in advance. It is both a respect for local culture and a manifestation of self-cultivation. The norm that must be noticed when visiting a shrine is :

There must be a Tori at the entrance to every shrine. After the outermost part of the shrine, and the first Tori , it will enter a section called “Gangdao” which leads to the main hall. Note: Before entering the Tori, please take a look at the front of the Tori and choose to go to the left or to the right; avoid the passage from the central area of ​​the Tori!

Before coming to the temple, you must not stand in the middle; and the reason can not be the same in the middle of the road. First, you have to squat once. If you have a bell, you can ring the bell and tell the god that I am coming.

“Two ceremonies and two clap ones”, take care of this slogan to ensure that you go to the Japanese shrine and will not be immediately regarded as a tourist who does not understand anything, and is respected by the locals. The second ritual refers to the second squat after the light rattle, then clap your hands twice, and then lick it once again.

I hope that everyone can find a pure land in the ancient capital of Kyoto and get a moment of peace.

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