A Katsurazaka Park excursion

Hi there, today I’d like to share my experience in Nishikyo Ward. The weather is so nice that I decide to go out and explore Kyoto City with my friends. This time, we were going to try somewhere new. First, we drove to the Nishikyo Ward Office and got some maps. After a short discussion, we decided to go to Katsurazaka Park, which is not as much-travelled as the famous Arashiyama area.

Then we headed west and after a while we began to drive uphill. At the top awaits the International Research Center for Japanese Studies and the satisfaction of finally having reached the top. Yeah!

Along our way, rarely can we see anyone walking on the street. This is the bonus of traveling on weekdays. Actually, this area is scattered with residential houses, and most of the houses are elegantly designed and relatively new. It really made me envious of living in such a comfortable community. It’s just a little earlier before the cherry blossom season. But this is a good route to do in the off-season, especially if you just want to take your time and chill a bit on weekdays. Ah, Spring!

Hint: If you get tired and want to grab some refreshments, you don’t need to be in a panic because the supermarket is always there for you.

The vibes are so quiet and peaceful. One of the best things is that you can always immerse yourself into tranquility and leave all the worries behind while you’re in this environment. This place should on your bucket list if you eager to find a new adventure.

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