A tour around the Oe Jinja

One day in the end of March. Fine weather never fails to excite me and encourage me to go out. Today’s destination is Oe Jinja! Setting off from Fushimi, we drove forty minutes or so and finally got here. This shrine dates back to the year of 967 and has a very intriguing story behind it. You will get more information about this shrine if you search it on the Internet. This place was so peaceful that I could only hear the sound of wind and bird twittering. Surrounded by hundreds of bamboo, it seems like this place is protected by the Mother Nature. We bowed our heads in prayer sincerely in front of the shrine before leaving this divine place.

When it comes to the bamboo, the Nishikyo Ward of Kyoto always comes high on the list even in Japan. Its hard and hollow stems often make people wonder how it can grow as tall as 30 meters.  You will find many farms and bamboo plantations here and there. Once you are in the middle of the bamboo forest, you will get to know the real beauty and magic of this plant.

Japan, especially Kyoto has a great many temples and shrines. There are many spectacular ones, but after a while, they can all start to look the same. If you want to have a unique experience and enjoy yourself, be aware of the history behind it. The Oe Jinja is, definitely, a good choice for Kyoto explorers. We love it!

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