Enjoying Early Spring on Katagihara Temple Ruins Park

As one of the top tourism destinations in Japan, Kyoto offered many astonishing spots for its vast visitors every day, no matter what time and from where they come. Apparently, it still has many hidden wonderful places yet to be explored in many part of the city, at least for foreign tourists. Especially in this time, when the spring is coming and the sakura (cherry blossoms) are starting to bloom in all-around the region, finding secluded far from the frenzy downtown and peaceful corner to sit to spend to day with the loved ones is like a heaven. One of that places is Katagihara Temple Ruins Park.

Located in western side of Kyoto, precisely in Nishikyo Ward (Nishikyo-ku) , it offers tranquility and calm nuances. Soft breeze hit gracefully, and filled with the scenery of western mountain across the street. Children and locals loves to play around in this area, that consisted of big square and tunnel made from trees, make it the perfect site to relax.

Katagihara Temple Ruins Park is a designated National Historic Site appointed by the Government of Japan in 1971, based on the excavation conducted at 1967. Through the excavation, it was observed there were several structures including the octangular tile podium that is about 6 meters on each side as well as gate with a stage that has a frontage of 20 meters and depth of approximately 11 meter. For more information about the historical image of the building in the ancient Kyoto, can be looked at the information board in the middle of the ruins, that also provided translation into several languages by scanning the QR Code available on top of the display.

The park is believable will be amazing in the peak of spring, when every sakura are blooming everywhere. Don’t forget to bring your family here, along with delicious snacks and fresh drinks. Surely, coming here will become unforgettable memories for years to come.

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